Hobbies On Hobbies On Hobbies

[Note: This would be a typical Relationship Wednesday post, but since we’ve been catching up on travel posts — here’s a nice relationship Thursday blog for y’all. Happy Friday eve!]

Hobbies! Everyone’s got them and they can add so much to everyday life.


I personally am always trying to find new hobbies and get out of my comfort zone so that I can grow as a person and see what is out there!

Recently Lexi and I have been trying to add new hobbies into the mix of things so we can spend more time together and bond over fun things that we both enjoy.

I have been golfing for the past 10 or so years. Over the winter I got Lexi to go to the golf range once or twice but this summer she’s been trying to play a lot more! I put a golf club set together for her and we are planning to hit the course ASAP! I’m looking forward to adding a fun new hobby to our activities 🙂

We also started going on hikes every Saturday morning and it has allowed us to explore some really cool new areas around town. And that hiking tradition has led us to garner a new hobby in geocaching. This is one of the coolest things that I have ever done. Basically, you go to a park or even down the street or anywhere in between and there are these GPS markers that lead you to a box full of interesting items. Many people have visited there before and either taken something or left something behind, and there is usually a notebook for people to leave behind a note. You can become part of a really special community.

So get out there and find a new hobby with that special someone or even a friend! There is so much to do and explore out in the world and experience. You will even make some new friends from trying out new hobbies. Lexi and I have met some wonderful people while hiking and we look forward to meeting and sharing things with people 🙂

What is your favorite hobby?