Where have we been?

So you may have noticed that we have been a bit MIA over the past few weeks. Between our marathon vacation, getting a new puppy, and settling back into the hustle and bustle, things have been pretty hectic. If you have been missing our content, we apologize! We feel so badly and don’t want to be the fickle bloggers who can’t stick to a content calendar.

However, we have one more piece of news to share: Bobby won’t be as present here on Seventy8 West. 🙁 It makes me sad, but the great news is that he received an awesome promotion at work that he’s been working towards for months. So although he won’t have as much free time to style photos and write blog posts, he’ll still make appearances on the blog here and there. I am so proud of him and beyond elated that he loves his job so much, so there are no complaints on my end. Hopefully you all will understand too.

Life is finally settling down and I’m getting the hang of raising my little fur ball, so I’m going to get back in the swing of things here on the blog as well. Stay tuned for lots of new content! I’ve got some pretty awesome things up my sleeve. 😉



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