Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Tips To Get Exactly What You Want

I’m sure that by now literally every blogger you follow has mentioned the huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so excuse me for being repetitive. However, instead of just talking about my favorite picks from the sale, I’m going to share with you some of my tips for scoring big.

Prepare Now:

Make a list of the types of items you’re on the hunt for. Are you looking for a nice fall jacket? Perhaps a bulky winter coat? Cute riding boots for autumn? Know exactly what you want and start eyeing new releases in advance. The great thing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is that brand new items for the upcoming season are heavily discounted! So this isn’t a huge clearance push of last season’s wears; these are current styles at deep discounts.

Get Everything On File:

If you don’t have a customer profile with Nordstrom or haven’t shopped there in a while, this is a step you won’t want to miss. Go and create (or update) your account with your debit or credit card information, shipping and billing addresses, and anything else that may need to be changed. You don’t want anything to get in your way when you’re trying to nab a great deal on that handbag you’ve been wanting all month.

Don’t Hesitate:

If you like it — buy it. Simple as that. Which leads me to my next point…

Be Prepared To Make Returns:

Oftentimes if I am unfamiliar with a brand or know their sizing runs wacky, I’ll order two sizes in the clothing or footwear so I can ensure that one of them is the perfect fit. It’s better to return something than to be bummed that you ordered the wrong size and now it’s sold out! Nordstrom’s return process is super easy and accommodating, so even if you don’t typically like to return things you order online (I don’t either), you can rest assured that Nordstrom doesn’t make it a hassle.

Stay Within Your Means:

Set a budget and don’t stray from it. If you’re willing to spend $800 to stock up for fall, that’s great. If that limit is $200, that’s great as well. Don’t be pressured to purchase a bunch of stuff in the name of good deals and then regret it when you check your bank statement. (Staying within your means is a good lesson to adhere to in all circumstances, but that’s a conversation for a different day.)

I’m very excited to get my hands on some amazing deals that are featured in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I plan to not only beef up my fall and winter wardrobe, but also get a head start on some holiday shopping! In the meantime, here are some current picks from Nordstrom that I have my eye on:

Mark your calendar! The Anniversary Sale starts on July 22!


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