Charleston Travel Diary: Part 3

We left you with a cliffhanger about where we enjoyed dessert after a second scrumptious meal in Charleston and the answer is Jeni’s! The night before, we had heard that it was the best place to eat ice cream in town, and after our server at HoM recommended we stop there after dinner, we were sold! We walked down King street and headed there to enjoy some yummy ice cream in creative flavors.

When we arrived the line was long, as to be expected on a warm summer evening. As we moved up in the line, employees offered us tastings of their different flavors and Bob and my brother, Bernard, enjoyed trying a couple. They eventually settled on their churro ice cream flavor, which sounds weird but tasting amazing. (Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch in ice cream form!) I opted for a lemon sorbet float since I’m allergic to milk and didn’t want to ruin the rest of our trip. I wasn’t crazy about the sorbet because it had lemon seeds and grains in it, but I respected the fact that it was freshly made and clearly not straight from a chemical plant somewhere. At any rate, our pit stop to Jeni’s was a success. Next time, I’ll brave the chances of an adverse reaction in order to try one of their ice cream flavors for myself.
Jeni's ice cream Charleston


After that we briefly kept strolling through the city until we reached a Walgreens (that had slurpees, champagne, and froyo machines!!!) to pick up some odds and ends before hopping in and Uber and headed back to the hotel to crash.

The next morning, we woke up and had a slow morning that consisted of lounging in bed and going for a swim. Everyone wanted to make a stop at The Market, which is a long strip of small stands that people that stuff like t-shirts and crafts, so we headed there. However, Bob and I became tempted by our proximity to Lowcountry Bistro, which was another restaurant that we had heard amazing things about. So we headed there while my family perused The Market.

Once again, it was lunch time for us but still sleepy time for most of Charleston, so the place was pretty slow when we first were seated. (Rest assured, the place filled in throughout our meal and was packed by the time we left!) Temptation got the best of me again and I opted for moonshine, even though it may have been before noon. 😉
lowcountry bistro charleston

Bob then suggested the idea that we share a flight of moonshine, which came with three flavors we were allowed to choose. We chose cranberry (which was our backup option when we were told that strawberry was sold out), white lightening (which tasted like a hybrid between tequila and vodka), and apple pie (which was really good). The moonshine arrived with a pimiento cheese and cracker platter, so it served as a pseudo appetizer for our meal. I was a little surprised to see the moonshine flights in small glasses that were slightly larger than shots, but I was no longer confused once we consumed the three flights and realized we were feeling a bit tipsy. Man, that stuff was strong.


For our meals I ordered a burger (yes, I love burgers) with grits on the side, and Bob got the chicken and waffles. I loved my burger, I just wish the side of grits was larger for the price we paid. Bob loved his fried chicken, but he found the waffle kind of mediocre. (Better to be unimpressed by the waffle than the chicken though, right?)
lowcountry bistro charleston lowcountry bistro charleston

I also ordered a side of cornbread because Bob and I love it so much, and while we were expecting to split one piece, we were shocked to find three large, warm pieces of cornbread being served to us. They were absolutely delicious!

lowcountry bistro charleston
As you can imagine, after this meal we were stuffed to the brim. We waddled over to The Market to meet my family, happy, full, and ready for a nap. This meal served as the end cap for our trip to Charleston, and we were happy to have ended it on a high note. We hopped to the car and headed to our next destination: Atlanta!


Any Charleston peeps out there: what did we miss? Anything we absolutely have to hit up next time?


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