USA USA USA!!! Come on you yanks!
We’ve got you covered for this year’s 4th of July last minute shopping.

Check out this beauty of a wicker hat. This screams patriotism without being in your face about it. It’s a nice subtle way to pay respect to the founding fathers of this country and protect yourself from those harmful sun rays.

USA Wicker

USA Wicker Hat

Support your Olympic team this summer! Get a killer Ralph Lauren Polo hat that shows how much you care about America and our superiority in sports!!!! We can run faster, jump further, ball better, and golf better than any other country in the world and this hat makes sure that everyone knows.

USA hat

USA Ralph Lauren Hat

OR if hats aren’t your thing then make sure to pick up this great t-shirt that is perfect for a family outing accompanied with some burgers and dogs

USA shirt

USA Ralph Lauren T-Shirt

But wait there’s still more! My personal favorite is the hoodie, I will be wearing this bad boy until the fibers fall off of my body. It’s perfect for the fireworks at the end of the night on the 4th of July or for any random bonfire night that you have with you and your friends.

USA Hoodie

USA Ralph Lauren SweatShirt

How will you be celebrating your 4th?


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