Target Tuesday: Who What Wear Checkered Midi Skirt

Here we are again, back at it with Target Tuesday! This week I’m featuring the most lovely skirt from Who What Wear’s line for Target, and it’s less than $30!

who what wear midi skirt


I often stray away from midi length dresses and skirts, but lately I have been all about them! This skirt caught my eye as I was casually browsing the women’s section, and I knew I had to have it! I grabbed a couple sizes because in Target’s clothing I typically wear a 2 but this skirt was visibly small with no stretch, so I figured I’d have to size up. And boy was I right! I had to purchase a 6 in this skirt, and the reviewers on the website seem to be saying that this runs two sizes two small as well.

Note: In my experience Target seems to do vanity sizing, because I am typically a four (sometimes a six) in most designers, so in fact this skirt may run true to size. But if you’re used to Target’s sizing and know what you typically are in their clothing, you’re going to find that you need to size up. Because of this, I’d be wary of ordering this piece online just because it’s tricky with the sizing — for example I considered purchasing the 4 in this skirt but decided to opt for a bit more room for my hips, so your body type will affect how this piece fits more than just the number alone. But despite the sizing frenzy, I’d highly recommend this piece. It’s a nice quality, inexpensive, and is versatile. I think this is a great outfit to wear out to a nice dinner, but the skirt is also perfect to wear to work (with a different top of course).

who what wear midi skirt who what wear midi skirt

My camisole is also from Target and I bought it at the same time I purchased this skirt, but it apparently isn’t available online. Some extremely similar options from Target are here and here though.

 Checkered Midi Skirt // D’orsay Flats with Bow



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