Striped Body Suit And Distressed Jeans

I’m a big fan of body suits lately. My friend let me borrow one last summer when we were going out to a bar, and I loved it! I paired it with some high-waisted jeans and sandals, and I was ready to go. So when the weather started warming up again this year, I was on the hunt for some great options so I could find some cute body suits of my own.

Unlike wearing a separate like a tank top or blouse, a body suit is more form-fitting and provides a sleeker look — especially when you’re wearing one with pants or shorts. Instead of fidgeting with your shirt that keeps bunching up and/or coming untucked, a body suit always stays right in place.

I love this simple outfit for summer: a striped body suit, distressed denim shorts, white Birkenstocks, and a red handkerchief for a pop of color. This outfit is comfortable, versatile, and it’s already gotten plenty of use this summer!

IMG_3196 IMG_3214 IMG_3231

My only issue about body suits is that many of them are like leotards, meaning that going to the bathroom is a pain and requires some effort. What I love about the body suit I’m wearing here is that it has snaps at the bottom! (Yes, like a onesie for babies haha.) That makes getting dressed, undressed, and using the restroom much easier. If you’re on the hunt for body suits, keep that in mind!

My body suit is from Charlotte Russe and my shorts are from Forever 21, but they aren’t available online so I linked up some similar options below:


What are your feelings on body suits? Let me know!


One thought on “Striped Body Suit And Distressed Jeans”

  1. I just adore reading your fashion posts. You rock this outfit, Alexis!! As for body suit, I’ve never tried one. I see that they’re getting more popular by the days. (Bringing back old fashion) but I like how you can keep the shirt tucked in and it won’t come undone. It seems a bit odd hanging on the hanger but I really want to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this look!


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