Relationship Wednesday: Conflict Resolution

I’ll share some of the things that I’ve learned throughout the course of our relationship since conflict resolution is a major key to long term success. Conflicts can cause the end of relationships if you are not diligent enough and willing to work hard to solve any problem that comes up. Many people take the easy way out at the slightest sign of tough times and will run away with their tails tucked between their legs, but that’s no good. Relationships are hard work and the most meaningful ones come from putting in days, weeks, months, and years, building and enforcing a healthy relationship. If you love someone you will work hard for them and come up with a solution since there is always one.


Alexis and I have been through several conflicts during the course of our relationship. Yes, even though we may appear to have the most perfect relationship on this blog, we still have our conflicts and battles that we have to fight just like any other couple in the history of mankind. I will not dive into the specifics but there were a couple of times that we thought we weren’t going to be able to overcome our issues. (We have always known we were a perfect fit, but sometimes differing opinions or actions have caused a strain that made us question if we were just being naive twenty-somethings.) However, we always found a way to come to a solution or compromise because we love each other sooooo freaking much. You always have to work hard and keep on fighting and searching for the resolution to your conflict.

Seriously guys, don’t give up! If you really love someone right down to the bone then no conflict is too big to tackle; there is always a solution at the end of each problem even when it seems like nothing can be done. Ask your parents and people who have been through this before! We cannot count the number of times that our parents have offered us priceless advice about our relationship and how to overcome something. They’ve been through everything together and they know how to tackle all of the hard problems and any issues that they’ve come through. Even doing some reading online can be helpful — but remember that every situation is unique and that advice should be taken with a grain of salt. (Random Internet forums do not know the intricacies of your individual relationship.)

Sometimes we can be blind to the solution right in front of us, so an outside perspective is key every now and then. Basically, relationships are work. But they are a great kind of work, since the reward of love is so fulfilling.

The biggest things I’ve learned about conflict resolution?

  1. It’s worth any fight if you know the person is “the one.”
  2. Even during a fight make sure you still take time to love each other. (Show it and say it.)
  3. Don’t let fights ruin any big moments. 
  4. Not every problem can be solved in one day, and that’s okay. Keep sorting it out and working together.
  5.  Ask for advice from people who are well-versed in relationships. Bonus points if they are very familiar with you and your partner.
  6. Be calm and patient.
  7. Love conquers all!
  8. Kiss and make up! Both figuratively and literally. 🙂

    I know I sound like a hopeless romantic, but I mean it when I say you should never stop fighting for the one you love! Love is too precious to come by to just give up. Remember that, even when your significant other is doing that thing you can’t stand for the 177th time.

What is your advice for handling conflicts? Share it with us!


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