Pool Party!

Everyone in the pool!

Get your pool inflatable and pool toy game on with some stuff that will make you the most popular kid in the neighborhood 😉

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo Blow-Up

A giant pink flamingo?! Heck yes it is, it’s so much fun. I found this beauty while Alexis and I were in New York City visiting some friends and it was too great not to buy it. It is well worth the price and it has already given us hours of countless fun and entertainment, from using its beak to attack unsuspecting victims to actually lounging out on it.


Blow-Up Spa

Check this spa out! It’s the coolest blow-up jacuzzi on the planet. And it’s an incredibly reasonable price that you can afford for a lovely night under the stars with some nice champagne in hand.

Light up

Underwater Pool Light

If you’re looking for a classic night pool party then this awesome underwater pool light is too good! You can turn your pool party into a full-on rave with different light patterns that will have everyone getting jiggy with it in the pool.


Water Droplet Speaker

Any a pool party wouldn’t be complete without a speaker to blare out T Swift’s new jam. This droplet speaker is the coolest, and it can be taken anywhere in the water so there is no worries about it getting wet!

We’re still on vacation down here in the South! Stay tuned for an in-depth update!


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