Must Have Monday: Bernardo Coats

Bobby and I originally alternated taking photos of each other for our Instagram and blog, but recently we’ve been having my little brother photograph us. He’s still learning how to operate a fancy DSLR with all the bells and whistles that seem foreign compared to the self-explanatory operation of an iPhone camera, but he’s been doing a good job. We’re grateful to have a third party direct us, help us stage photos, and tell us when we’re making a bizarre facial expression that shouldn’t be shared on the Internet.

We have definitely learned that being comfortable and relaxed with your photographer is a huge deal, and because I can be a bit shy and self-conscious, I think getting a good photo out of me can be a labor of love. (I’ll be really candid about saying I am conscious about my “good side,” the way my body looks, and I can be a blinker.)

When Bobby’s cousin, Lisa Schiller, suggested taking some photos when she was in town, I jumped at the opportunity.  She’s an amazing photographer and takes absolutely beautiful photos. So while I was a bit nervous that I’d make hideous troll faces and/or blink in every picture, I clearly had nothing to worry about. Lisa is a total professional and made me feel so comfortable; plus she clearly is passionate about photography and I really admire that.


Bernardo Zip Front Suede Jacket

So let’s talk about this jacket. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life; without a doubt, I absolutely LOVED it. Yes, the aggressive capital letters are 100% necessary because even though it was 80 degrees outside I didn’t want to take the jacket off! Nope, the brutal heat couldn’t even stop me from taking this beauty for a spin as soon as I got my hands on it. It is clearly constructed of high quality suede leather, and I was impressed to find such a nice coat at an incredibly reasonable price point! (It’s under $100 at Nordstrom. No joke.)

While I was nervous that a size small would be cutting it tight since I’m often between sizes when using broad ranges as opposed to more specific numbers, it ended up being a perfect fit! If you’re interested in purchasing this jacket, I would definitely say it’s true to size. And can we talk about the diagonal zippers? Small features like that are my favorite because not only are they practical, but they can also add just the right amount of detail to an otherwise simplistic piece.

Bernardo coats
See, I told you I’m a blinker!
Eye squints for days.

I was clearly digging blue when we shot this look (#allblueeverything), but there are so many ways I want to style this versatile jacket. Whether rocking an off-the-shoulder top and distressed shorts, a floral romper, a simple white shift, or a bodysuit with toothpick pants, this Bernardo coat can take you from day to night, season to season, and style to style. I highly recommend this Bernardo jacket; it’s available in camel and teal as well!

And since summer is the best time to purchase cold weather outerwear, I linked up a bunch of my favorite Bernardo pieces below. Many of them are on sale, so move quickly!


P.S. Here’s one more shoutout to Lisa for making all my blinking look beautiful and intentional! Be sure to check out Lisa’s photography, especially if you’re in NYC or West Palm Beach.



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