Must Have Monday: Lots of Luggage

My luggage game is in need of a major timeout. And by time out, I mean it deserves to be ejected. Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for my tried and true Vera Bradley duffle bag, but it’s time for me to step it up.  I love my trusty duffle bag; I’m not the biggest Vera fan, but I received it in high school and it’s held up ever since! The fact that it has lasted so long and still looks sharp has secured the duffle a little place in my heart. But the trips we’ve taken so far this year alone have made it quite clear that I need to upgrade, especially with more trips around the corner!

The main reason why I’m looking to replace my duffle bag is because it’s a pain. Literally and figuratively. It takes a lot of effort to lug around a duffle bag that’s packed to the brim; I have legitimately gotten a bruise on my shoulder from the strain of carrying it through an airport. Not to mention, it’s downright annoying to deal with such a nuisance when you’re dealing with the post-vacation feels and simply wishing you could teleport to your bed back home.

I’ve decided that not only do I need new luggage, but specifically luggage that rolls!  I’m not a fan of checking bags; I will stuff and roll to make everything fit into my handy dandy carry-on duffle, but I realize that’s impractical sometimes — especially with some of the trips we have coming up soon. So a durable material (to protect my belongings from getting beat up in baggage claim) and great features are also product specifications that I’m keeping in mind before leaping into this purchase.

Here are some of the options that are in the running:

Anyone else hate that luggage is so expensive? Have any opinions on which option I should purchase?



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