Summer in St. Pete Beach

I will start this off by saying that I had high hopes for our trip to St. Pete Beach. It was the first of three stops we were making on our week long trip across the South, and since Bob and I both love beach vacations, we thought we’d naturally love it, right? Wrong.

St. Pete Beach was undoubtedly the worst city that I have been to. Ever. I have been to many tourist trap beach cities before, like Myrtle Beach for example, that have more charm, lovelier beaches, and better food than that of St. Pete Beach.


We touched down in Tampa first thing that morning, then picked up our rental car to make the short drive to Saint Petersburg. We were all itching for a good meal and so upon the recommendation of my family from down south, we headed to the nearby Chick-Fil-A for some grub. It’s a shame that I have to admit that this was my favorite meal in St. Pete, but it was. I don’t typically eat fast food, so I wasn’t exactly excited to go there in the first place. I always say that if it can be served in a drive-thru I don’t eat it — except for Starbucks and Panera, since they have a commitment to higher quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. However, when in Rome, right? So I ate as deep southerners do and indulged in a spicy chicken sandwich. It was surprisingly yummy, as was their lemonade, but I’m sure many of you already know that.

For dinner that night we went to a place called Crabby Bill’s. I had cautioned my family against eating there as it had some less than stellar Yelp reviews, but my family wanted seafood, the restaurant was willing to accommodate our large group of 28 people, and everyone ragged on me for putting all my faith in Yelp anyways. So I obliged, and I had a mediocre fried grouper sandwich and fries which were bland and forgettable. We ordered hush puppies as an appetizer, which most of our table enjoyed, but I thought they were too strong in their onion flavor; I prefer sweet hush puppies but that was a personal preference. We ordered some frozen drinks as well. Having been a bartender myself when I was younger, and thus heckled by desperate patrons asking for a heavy pour, I try not to criticize an establishment too much when they don’t make a “strong” drink. But our drinks tasted like the sugary sweet virgin drinks I ordered on a cruise with my family back when I was 7 and thought it was cool to walk around with a piña colada. (AKA, we tasted no alcohol, got no buzz, and abstained for purchasing anymore overpriced virgin slushies from their restaurant.)


The next day was spent at the beach in the morning, at Chick-Fil-A in the afternoon (I was not as impressed the second time around), and at a wedding in the evening. The wedding took place at the Grand Plaza Hotel right at the beach on St. Pete, and although the food wasn’t the greatest, they seemed to have their act together and their bartenders were really great. (They also had a great beach bar on their property called Bongos that had some awesome cocktails.)

By day 3, we were all pretty sick of St. Pete. Almost everyone we encountered there was rude, which was a harsh realization for us as we’re from a town that is notoriously warm and welcoming. The condo we were staying at was also run by the biggest jerk ever; it was so bad that Bob and I considered getting a hotel room — but all the hotels on the major street were booked up. (Except icky motels that sketched me out.) Which brings me to my next point: the hotels in St. Pete were really mediocre. The nicest hotel on the strip with the Don Cesar, a Loew’s hotel, but besides that there were not many choices for places that were not strip motels or didn’t look stuck in the 1990s.

The positive part about our location was that we got to enjoy private beach access, which was fun and relaxing for my family to enjoy. We paid to go stand up paddleboarding one day at the Don Cesar, and 5 minutes after our session began we saw some lightning and they had to postpone our appointment. Alright, no big deal. Bob and I figured we’d just go to lunch and then meet back up with my family for our rescheduled session when the weather passed. We went to a Mexican restaurant called Monarca’s on Gulf Boulevard. The experience started positively with being brought chips that reminded me of Chipotle’s (just missing some of that great lime juice), but it quickly went downhill when they brought us queso that I’d be willing to bet came right out a jar, and nachos that were so gross they were inedible. Our waitress didn’t come back to our table once — not to fill our drinks or ask how our meal was — it was incredibly frustrating. I wanted to talk to a manager, but we were antsy to get back on the beach so we just paid the bill and left. (Side note: what Mexican restaurant doesn’t have a liquor license? Monarca’s margaritas are premade with a frozen mix, not tequila…) When we got back to the beach we were told that our session had to be canceled because of an impending storm (that never ended up happening), so we never got to stand up paddleboard or go on a banana ride at Don Cesar. Major bummer. Fingers crossed they actually refunded our charges like they said they would.


That night we went to another chain — Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company — and I was so disinterested in any more mediocre food that I only tagged along to enjoy family time. I ordered a Bubba’s Blue Hurricane, which ended up being a really good cocktail, but I didn’t order a meal. I saw an appetizing warm chocolate chip cookie a la mode dessert so I ordered that to share with Bob, but it tasted straight out of a box and the ice cream was already gross and melted when they brought it to us. Yuck.

The highlights of our stay were the wedding and reception with my family, floating and frolicking on the beach with Bob and my brother, seeing my baby sis build her first sandcastle, and meeting some friendly neighbors who lived in the neighborhood in which we were staying. (They were legitimately the only friendly people we met on our trip — even if we didn’t like the restaurant they recommended.) Oh, and driving out of Saint Petersburg city limits felt pretty nice too. 😉


All in all, St. Pete Beach was a disappointing city for people like Bob and I who enjoy culture, class, company, and a little bit of luxury. I’d only ever go back under the circumstance of another family event like this one. The next morning we packed up and headed to the next city, which is one that we’ve absolutely fallen in love with. If you follow us on Instagram you already know where that is, but if not you’ll just have to wait and see… 🙂




USA USA USA!!! Come on you yanks!
We’ve got you covered for this year’s 4th of July last minute shopping.

Check out this beauty of a wicker hat. This screams patriotism without being in your face about it. It’s a nice subtle way to pay respect to the founding fathers of this country and protect yourself from those harmful sun rays.

USA Wicker

USA Wicker Hat

Support your Olympic team this summer! Get a killer Ralph Lauren Polo hat that shows how much you care about America and our superiority in sports!!!! We can run faster, jump further, ball better, and golf better than any other country in the world and this hat makes sure that everyone knows.

USA hat

USA Ralph Lauren Hat

OR if hats aren’t your thing then make sure to pick up this great t-shirt that is perfect for a family outing accompanied with some burgers and dogs

USA shirt

USA Ralph Lauren T-Shirt

But wait there’s still more! My personal favorite is the hoodie, I will be wearing this bad boy until the fibers fall off of my body. It’s perfect for the fireworks at the end of the night on the 4th of July or for any random bonfire night that you have with you and your friends.

USA Hoodie

USA Ralph Lauren SweatShirt

How will you be celebrating your 4th?


Pool Party!

Everyone in the pool!

Get your pool inflatable and pool toy game on with some stuff that will make you the most popular kid in the neighborhood 😉

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo Blow-Up

A giant pink flamingo?! Heck yes it is, it’s so much fun. I found this beauty while Alexis and I were in New York City visiting some friends and it was too great not to buy it. It is well worth the price and it has already given us hours of countless fun and entertainment, from using its beak to attack unsuspecting victims to actually lounging out on it.


Blow-Up Spa

Check this spa out! It’s the coolest blow-up jacuzzi on the planet. And it’s an incredibly reasonable price that you can afford for a lovely night under the stars with some nice champagne in hand.

Light up

Underwater Pool Light

If you’re looking for a classic night pool party then this awesome underwater pool light is too good! You can turn your pool party into a full-on rave with different light patterns that will have everyone getting jiggy with it in the pool.


Water Droplet Speaker

Any a pool party wouldn’t be complete without a speaker to blare out T Swift’s new jam. This droplet speaker is the coolest, and it can be taken anywhere in the water so there is no worries about it getting wet!

We’re still on vacation down here in the South! Stay tuned for an in-depth update!


Instagram Roundup

Good morning, everyone! We are headed on vacation and I am so ready to have a yummy drink in my hand! In the meantime, I figured I’d round up some of the outfits we’ve posted on Instagram lately.


This was your favorite outfit that we styled as of lately! We love these looks too 🙂

Black cami (similar) // Checkered midi skirt // D’orsay heels // Nike golf shirt // Shorts (similar) // Nike belt // Sperry loafers

Sam Edelman Yardley lace up heels // white Birkenstocks // flamingo print TOMS // Schutz Juliana heels // Converse sneakers // BCBGeneration sandals (not available online)

We recently attended a wedding and this is what we wore! Perfect for summer in our opinion.

Lilly Pulitzer Willow dress // Hickey Freeman suit pants // tumblr_o8znu7YBOR1vsgrpuo1_1280

Parfait crop top and skirt set // Cove dress

Bernardo suede jacket // Target white tee // Target skinny jeans // J. Crew leopard print belt


Burberry quilted jacket (similar) // Loft patterned cropped slacks (old) // Coach loafers // Coach handbag (old) // Lacoste polo

Have a great weekend!


Robert Graham Is Life

Robert Graham! I’ve recently become obsessed with this brand. Robert Graham has got everything down to a T, and his tee shirts aren’t half bad either. 😉

robert graham tshirt

On a more serious note, all of his shirts are beautifully made and look really really good to boot. I would’ve dropped some serious cash when Lexi and I were shopping one Saturday afternoon, but thankfully I have a little restraint. 🙂

This shirt is perfect for a summer night by the campfire, roasting up some s’mores and drinking some craft beers — even if it means getting a little tipsy on a random Monday night.


This Nike belt I am rocking is absolutely fantastic with jeans; it mixes black and silver while complimenting any outfit. I like that it adds a punch of color in a subtle way. I was even tempted to tuck my shirt — in as goofy as it would have looked — just to show off this belt.


The Sperry loafers I’m wearing are possibly the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn.  It genuinely feels like I’m walking on a cloud or getting a massage every time I get up and walk around at work. These bad boys go with tons of different outfits and girls: if you’re looking for a gift for your brother/father/boyfriend, do them a favor and buy these! They will be ever so pleased with you.



Robert Graham T-Shirt // Seven For All Mankind Straight Jeans // Nike Belt (not available online but I also have this Nike belt and love it) // Sperry Loafers


Happy Thursday!


Relationship Wednesday: Traveling Together

I briefly hinted at this when sharing our picks for good luggage options recently, but in a few days Bob and I are headed on another trip! (P.S. I ended up purchasing this super affordable carry on.) Traveling is one of our favorite things to do together, because it’s so exciting to see cool sights, try amazing food, and just get out there and explore.

Bill Murray is quoted as giving this relationship advice:

Take that person and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world, and go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And if when you come back to JFK, when you land in JFK, and you’re still in love with that person, get married at the airport.


I think there is some sage advice to be found within that quote. Cheesiness alert: The first full-fledged trip (you know, involving air travel and all that jazz) I took with Bobby confirmed that I wanted to marry him. We had already made it clear that we loved each other months prior to us ever even planning that trip, but once we embarked on our first adventure together, I knew he’d become my favorite traveling companion. That special trip is fondly ingrained in my mind, and now I look forward to traveling to our special island retreat every year.

Traveling allows you to bond with someone like nothing else. When you’re stuck in a car or a plane with someone, you must be comfortable with them completely. Their chatter, their laughs, their snoring, their silence, and even the more unpleasant things like their smelly feet or smelly gas. Why do you think shows like The Bachelor are geared around traveling, and competitors quickly get sick of each other? Why is The Amazing Race an incredibly challenging competition that frequently makes or breaks friendships or relationships? It’s because traveling with the same person day-in and day-out, eating with them, sharing the same bed while they hog the covers, and letting them pick at your fries when they should have just ordered their own gets annoying after a while.

Or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, consider yourself incredibly lucky. I consider myself so lucky that despite my anxiety, timidness, and general aversion to things that are daring, Bobby has ignited a love of travel and adventure within me. I wish for everyone to have that same kind of settledness even when in faraway lands. I wish for you the type of love that is spontaneous and reciprocal and forgiving and patient. And if that wish comes true…

…Apparently you might just get married in an airport. 😉


Target Tuesday: Who What Wear Checkered Midi Skirt

Here we are again, back at it with Target Tuesday! This week I’m featuring the most lovely skirt from Who What Wear’s line for Target, and it’s less than $30!

who what wear midi skirt


I often stray away from midi length dresses and skirts, but lately I have been all about them! This skirt caught my eye as I was casually browsing the women’s section, and I knew I had to have it! I grabbed a couple sizes because in Target’s clothing I typically wear a 2 but this skirt was visibly small with no stretch, so I figured I’d have to size up. And boy was I right! I had to purchase a 6 in this skirt, and the reviewers on the website seem to be saying that this runs two sizes two small as well.

Note: In my experience Target seems to do vanity sizing, because I am typically a four (sometimes a six) in most designers, so in fact this skirt may run true to size. But if you’re used to Target’s sizing and know what you typically are in their clothing, you’re going to find that you need to size up. Because of this, I’d be wary of ordering this piece online just because it’s tricky with the sizing — for example I considered purchasing the 4 in this skirt but decided to opt for a bit more room for my hips, so your body type will affect how this piece fits more than just the number alone. But despite the sizing frenzy, I’d highly recommend this piece. It’s a nice quality, inexpensive, and is versatile. I think this is a great outfit to wear out to a nice dinner, but the skirt is also perfect to wear to work (with a different top of course).

who what wear midi skirt who what wear midi skirt

My camisole is also from Target and I bought it at the same time I purchased this skirt, but it apparently isn’t available online. Some extremely similar options from Target are here and here though.

 Checkered Midi Skirt // D’orsay Flats with Bow



Must Have Monday: Bernardo Coats

Bobby and I originally alternated taking photos of each other for our Instagram and blog, but recently we’ve been having my little brother photograph us. He’s still learning how to operate a fancy DSLR with all the bells and whistles that seem foreign compared to the self-explanatory operation of an iPhone camera, but he’s been doing a good job. We’re grateful to have a third party direct us, help us stage photos, and tell us when we’re making a bizarre facial expression that shouldn’t be shared on the Internet.

We have definitely learned that being comfortable and relaxed with your photographer is a huge deal, and because I can be a bit shy and self-conscious, I think getting a good photo out of me can be a labor of love. (I’ll be really candid about saying I am conscious about my “good side,” the way my body looks, and I can be a blinker.)

When Bobby’s cousin, Lisa Schiller, suggested taking some photos when she was in town, I jumped at the opportunity.  She’s an amazing photographer and takes absolutely beautiful photos. So while I was a bit nervous that I’d make hideous troll faces and/or blink in every picture, I clearly had nothing to worry about. Lisa is a total professional and made me feel so comfortable; plus she clearly is passionate about photography and I really admire that.


Bernardo Zip Front Suede Jacket

So let’s talk about this jacket. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life; without a doubt, I absolutely LOVED it. Yes, the aggressive capital letters are 100% necessary because even though it was 80 degrees outside I didn’t want to take the jacket off! Nope, the brutal heat couldn’t even stop me from taking this beauty for a spin as soon as I got my hands on it. It is clearly constructed of high quality suede leather, and I was impressed to find such a nice coat at an incredibly reasonable price point! (It’s under $100 at Nordstrom. No joke.)

While I was nervous that a size small would be cutting it tight since I’m often between sizes when using broad ranges as opposed to more specific numbers, it ended up being a perfect fit! If you’re interested in purchasing this jacket, I would definitely say it’s true to size. And can we talk about the diagonal zippers? Small features like that are my favorite because not only are they practical, but they can also add just the right amount of detail to an otherwise simplistic piece.

Bernardo coats
See, I told you I’m a blinker!
Eye squints for days.

I was clearly digging blue when we shot this look (#allblueeverything), but there are so many ways I want to style this versatile jacket. Whether rocking an off-the-shoulder top and distressed shorts, a floral romper, a simple white shift, or a bodysuit with toothpick pants, this Bernardo coat can take you from day to night, season to season, and style to style. I highly recommend this Bernardo jacket; it’s available in camel and teal as well!

And since summer is the best time to purchase cold weather outerwear, I linked up a bunch of my favorite Bernardo pieces below. Many of them are on sale, so move quickly!


P.S. Here’s one more shoutout to Lisa for making all my blinking look beautiful and intentional! Be sure to check out Lisa’s photography, especially if you’re in NYC or West Palm Beach.



Graduation Gifts for Guys

I told Bobby that I think guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to graduation gifts. Whether high school, college, or graduate/professional school, I always hear friends and family say that it’s harder to think of graduation gifts for guys than it is for girls, so he’s compiled an awesome blog full of ideas for graduating guys of all ages.

Bartending Set


These sweet bartending glasses are perfect for a newbie bartender or fresh graduate who is into his cocktails! These glasses perfectly explain how much of each to pour into a glass and for a novice this is perfect so make some delicious cocktails. For a set of 4 it is only $20!

Cuff Links


These cuff links are too cool! If your graduate is a big fan of any sports team and rocks a suit every now and then, then this is perfect for him. They take a seat from the stadium of their favorite team and make cufflinks out of them; it’s a really cool and meaningful gift that they can brag to all their friends about.

Pin World Map


Got wanderlust? Check out this awesome pin map to keep track of your graduate’s adventures. If your graduate is an adventurer then this is perfect for him since he’ll be able to visually exactly where he’s been and can show it off to guests 😉

Leather Portfolio


Does your graduate have a new and exciting job? Check out this beautiful leather portfolio that will be sure to impress any new boss that your graduate may have.

Vinyl Player


This portable vinyl player will enable your music lover to take his music on the go and impress any person with their deep music collection. Thanks to this cool gadget, vinyl is on the run and your graduate’s records can be too with this sweet player.

Bose Speaker


This Bose speaker is perfect for any dorm room and will let your high school graduate bring the party to any room! High school grads aren’t the only ones who will enjoy this gift though. This would be a welcome addition to any guy’s life.

Fun Cookbook


Check out this “thug cookbook” that will let him whip up the best party meals while still maintaining that awesome physique.

iPhone Wallet Case


Embrace technology by combining your iPhone case and wallet into one sleek device so your graduate will not have to worry about losing his wallet and his phone — just one or the other. 😉

A Quality Belt


This gorgeous Maganni belt is perfect for any new graduate who is in need of a belt upgrade. He’ll be dressed to impress on those tough job interviews!

A Durable Backpack


Is your grad moving from high school to college? This backpack by Marc Jacobs will impress any of the ladies in the library by showing off that style as well as your dedication to working hard. A great bang for the buck!



This is a great gift for a graduate of any level since you can never have too many bedsheets, especially a quality set that is comfortable and durable.

Dress Shoes


Check out these beautiful Hugo Boss shoes that will be sure to impress any hiring manager.


Know any guys graduating from high school or college? What are you getting for them?


Striped Body Suit And Distressed Jeans

I’m a big fan of body suits lately. My friend let me borrow one last summer when we were going out to a bar, and I loved it! I paired it with some high-waisted jeans and sandals, and I was ready to go. So when the weather started warming up again this year, I was on the hunt for some great options so I could find some cute body suits of my own.

Unlike wearing a separate like a tank top or blouse, a body suit is more form-fitting and provides a sleeker look — especially when you’re wearing one with pants or shorts. Instead of fidgeting with your shirt that keeps bunching up and/or coming untucked, a body suit always stays right in place.

I love this simple outfit for summer: a striped body suit, distressed denim shorts, white Birkenstocks, and a red handkerchief for a pop of color. This outfit is comfortable, versatile, and it’s already gotten plenty of use this summer!

IMG_3196 IMG_3214 IMG_3231

My only issue about body suits is that many of them are like leotards, meaning that going to the bathroom is a pain and requires some effort. What I love about the body suit I’m wearing here is that it has snaps at the bottom! (Yes, like a onesie for babies haha.) That makes getting dressed, undressed, and using the restroom much easier. If you’re on the hunt for body suits, keep that in mind!

My body suit is from Charlotte Russe and my shorts are from Forever 21, but they aren’t available online so I linked up some similar options below:


What are your feelings on body suits? Let me know!