Professional Prints With Robert Graham

We have been crazy busy around here lately, but things are starting to settle down. In the past week I took a huge exam, finished my last project of my graduate career, and officially completed my MBA and graduated! I celebrated with friends and family and then Alexis and I had a crazy weekend filled with tons of events with our family and friends. It was kind of hectic, but in the best way.

One of the designers I’ve recently become a fan of is Robert Graham. I discovered him thanks to a personal shopping session that Alexis and I had, and a bunch of his pieces were selected for me to try on. Robert Graham designs high quality menswear with an eclectic twist, which I find really cool. Why wear a boring button up when you can wear one with awesome patterns tucked under the collars and sleeves? Below you’ll see how I wore one of my new Robert Graham shirts, which has become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

IMG_1424 (1) IMG_1445 (1) IMG_1446 IMG_1455

Cullen Jacquard Shirt // Nike Belt // Black Slacks // Ashmont Loafers

Up to anything excited this week? Be sure to let us know!


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