Father’s Day Gift Guide

Alexis was having a tough time coming up with a Father’s Day gift so I put together a little something for her! I thought I would share it with everyone for all you peeps who are struggling to find that perfect gift for your dad as well.

Under $20

If your dad is on the go and never stops then this mug is the coolest gift you can give him! It keeps that donut or cookie nice and warm while he’s on the run for that crazy day ahead! It’s only $15 so it’s something we can all afford for good ole’ dad!

donut warming mug

Donut Warming Mug

Under $50

Whimsical dad jokes, whiskey, stylish glasses? If your dad is into anything of those things then these whiskey glasses are for him! Plus it’s under $50!

whiskey glasses

Set of Whiskey Glasses

At only $30, this beer tasting set is perfect for a dad who is just getting into craft beer, but it would be a welcome surprise for a seasoned veteran as well! Either way this is a perfect gift for you and your dad to bond over.

beer tasting glasses

Beer Tasting Glasses

Under $100

This might be one of the coolest BBQ sets that I’ve ever seen, everything is organized into cool little sets and it gives Dad the power to grill any kind of meat that his heart desires. If your dad is a grillmaster then this is a must have for him! Plus it’s under $100!

bbq tools

Barbecue Briefcase 

$100 and Over

And if you really want to impress the heck out of his whiskey loving habits then spring for this personalized whiskey barrel! It ranges from $85-200 but if your dad is a whiskey lover then the money will not be going to waste and it will be a gift for him to cherish for all his days to come!

whiskey barrel

Personalized Whiskey Barrel


I found these real styling watches from MVMT, they appear to be watches that cost thousands of dollars but they cost anywhere from $95-150; it’s a really great deal if your dad is into watches. They have a timeless feel that will make your dad’s coworkers wonder where they got that exotic watch from 😉 There are plenty of different styles so there’s bound to be at least one your dad will go bonkers for!

MVMT Watch

MVMT Gold Watch // Here’s an MVMT watch under $100


Do you and your dad a favor and get this amazing hammock from Do Good; it may be one of the most comfortable hammocks you’ll ever lounge in. It’s perfect for those lazy summer afternoons! You and your dad can do some nice backyard hanging with beers in hand. Just don’t get too comfortable or you’ll never want to get up.

do good hammock

Do Good Hammock

Does your dad love cigars? If so, we’ve got you covered. If you really want to break the bank then opt for this cigar box; it is guaranteed to keep those beauties nice and fresh for whenever dad wants to light one up. My friend’s dad has one and he cannot stop raving about how much better it is than other humidors and how he did not waste one penny on it!

lacquered cigar box

Lacquered Cigar Box

Of course not all of us can afford a Hermes humidor so we included a $400 humidor and an even cheaper $35 option that dad will be sure to appreciate. Make sure you stock it up with some tasty cigars!


Does your dad have a thing for music? A personalized LP Record is sure to do the trick! At $150, this personalized piece will have your dad jumping up and down and he will certainly put it up in his precious listening space.

personalized LP record

Personalized LP Record

What are you getting your father (or father figure) for Father’s Day this year? Let us know!



Memorial Day Sales Rundown: Act Quickly To Save Big!

As with any major holiday, Memorial Day means big sales from major retailers who are trying to cash in on your idle time with flashy homepage graphics and alluring email blasts. We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded out some of the best sales on the web. Be sure to act now before items sell out! It’s a great time to stock up on Father’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, wedding guest dresses, or summer goodies for yourself!

Our favorite sale:
NordstromHalf-yearly sale! Shop designer picks for women, men, children, and the home for 40% off!

Other great sales:
Ann Taylor: take 50% off your purchase of full-priced items with the code SUMMER50

ASOS: 20% off your purchase with code HISUMMER

Banana Republic: 40% your entire purchase with code BRTAKE40

Express: 40% off men’s and women’s clothing

Free People: take an additional 25% off sale items

J. Crew: 30% off your purchase with code WEEKEND

J. Crew Factory: 50% off everything in store and online. Extra 40% off clearance styles with code EXTRA40.

Kate Spade: receive an extra 25% off sale items with code SPEECHLESS

Loft: 60% off sale items and 40% off new arrivals

Macy’s: take an extra 20% off and receive free shipping (on orders over $50) with code MEMDAY

Nasty Gal: take an extra 40% off markdowns

Nordstrom Rack: save up to 75% and an extra 25% off clearance

Sam Edelman: take 30% off your order with code VIPSUMMER

Sole Society: take 50% off select styles

Target: 30% off apparel with code MEMDAY30 and 30% off home goods (with an extra 15% off if you use the code HERO)

Urban Outfitters: 25% off shorts and graphic tees

Happy shopping and have a fun, safe, and happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Fun Fact Friday: Peanut Butter Haters

Peanut butter! The most amazing and delicious spread that everyone in America loves… except for Alexis and I 😉 That’s right folks, you are talking to maybe the only couple in America that does not like peanut butter one bit. Are we a bit strange? The strangest, but we are damn proud of our dislike of peanut butter and we will not hide in the shadows any longer!!!

Peanut butter has long remained the most overrated paste on the market. When it hits the tongue it is repulsive and it makes me want to rid the entire Earth of peanuts to save any other human from having to endure the pain of ingesting this disgusting food. (If you can even call it “food”.)

Look at that. Ick.
Look at that. Ick.

When I was a child, my own mother had to chase me around the house and force feed me a peanut butter sandwich so that I would try it. And the first bite was absolutely awful! The creamy paste was too much for my taste buds too handle and I instantly spit it out and I would not try a second bite! I will admit that chocolate does make peanut butter bearable but I would much prefer just plain chocolate.

I asked Lexi to chime in a bit on her feelings about peanut butter and here’s what she had to say:

As Bobby has already stated, I can’t stand peanut butter either. I legitimately think the last time I had peanut butter is when my mom made PB&Js for a hiking trip we took back when I was still in grade school. My dad loves (and I mean looooves) peanut butter, and he eats it by the spoonful quite frequently. Even just the sight of it makes me cringe! I will say though that Bobby’s mom makes the most amazing cookies every week — and they have little Reese’s peanut butter chips along with the chocolate chips in the cookies. Those cookies are pure deliciousness and I can’t help myself because her recipe is just too good. But besides that, no. Keep your peanut butter away from me.

So in conclusion, we do not like peanut butter and we are happy about it. We can live full lives without peanut butter and there are plenty of other spreads to enjoy. Maybe we should try Nutella 😉

What is a popular food that you dislike?


Tropical Print Midi Dress

I have become utterly obsessed with Mara Hoffman over the past few months. Seriously; she may very well be my favorite designer. It all started with the fiercest one-piece swimsuit that I saw on Instagram one day, but it was sold out everywhere online and I haven’t been able to find it since. (Although, I’ve seen a couple knockoffs at big-box stores.)

Then came this lovely dress that Sydney from Summer Wind featured on her blog, and as soon as I saw it I had to order it. The price was quite steep for a dress I knew was trendy, bold, and highly seasonal, but I knew even though I wouldn’t get much use on it, it was a beautiful, fun piece that would offer me style and confidence — and that’s a pretty darn good return on my investment.

Since then, I haven’t been able to let a Mara Hoffman piece slip through my finger tips. When I had a personal shopping trip recently and this tie-front midi dress was one of the pieces in my dressing room, I immediately knew I had to have it. The silhouette is form fitting and that’s usually something I avoid, because body-con fabrics leave nothing to the imagination. This is “bad” for two reasons: first, I think it can come off as being too sexy for casual environments, thus limiting the versatility I can get out of a super tight dress. But secondly, like many women I can be self-conscious about my body and there is nowhere to hide in a body-con dress!

Luckily, my secret desire that I would in fact feel confident in this dress came true, and it might just be my favorite piece in my closet for the upcoming summer.





I’m wearing these Schutz heels // here are some cheaper lookalikes from Steve Madden // and I also found a super cheap (under $35!) Target lookalike

This dress is very high quality, as it should be for its hefty price tag. The material is thick and sturdy, the pattern doesn’t get distorted even at super stretchy places like the hips, and the tie-front up top is adjustable to your own chest size. All in all, I love this dress and can’t wait to find places to wear it now that the weather is staying warm.

I’ve linked up more of my favorite Mara Hoffman pieces below, including the dress that I initially bought because of Sydney — which is now on major sale!!!

Who is your favorite designer at the moment?


Relationship Wednesday: The Importance of Dates

tumblr_o6vpdsnABw1vsgrpuo1_1280Bobby and I pride ourselves in making our relationship a priority. Not in the “We Never Hang Out With Other People And Only Make Time For Each Other” way, but in the “Our Relationship Is Important To Us And We Realize Love Requires Effort” way. Because of that, we have always made going on dates a priority. Bobby is really good at planning dates, and that is one of the things I appreciated about him from day 1. He often took initiative and was the one to plan our early dates, and I thought it was so sweet that he came up with such great ideas like hiking, bowling, and mini-golf. I’m not into the whole “Netflix and chill” trend and I hate cliche dates like movies (you can’t even talk!!!) or dinner (when you’re stuffing food in your mouth you can’t talk either!!!), so I never liked those as early dates when I was seeing someone new. At this point in our relationship, I won’t pass up an opportunity to go to the drive-in and out to dinner, but that’s because I don’t feel guilty distracting him during the film to ask a question and I’m not judging him for telling me about his day in between sloppy bites of food.

So. Dates. A lot of couples we know in long-term and/or serious relationships tumblr_o7ai2niDQ91vsgrpuo1_1280seem surprised when we talk about how often we still go on dates. At least once a week, if not more, we go on an actual date. It’s not as expensive as it sounds; I’m quick to whip out a gift card or promotional email so we can save money, but I do think that spending time out and about is a worthwhile expense in a relationship. Sure, I’m the first to admit that lounging around and watching Bravo is a lovely way to spend an evening, but I also firmly believe that actually getting out there and doing things with your partner is crucial to a healthy relationship.

It feels nice to get all dolled up to go to an event, it is a bonding experience to go try restaurants together, and it is a wonderful reminder of how well you get along with your partner when you go out there and get active. I know this is easier said than done, because work, money, and family can create conflicts of interest that make free time hard to come by, but it’s an important aspect of your life to prioritize alongside the other commitments in your life.

What is your favorite date night activity?


P.S. Nordstrom is having a huge (and I mean HUUUUUGE) half-yearly sale right now. Be sure to check it out before it’s too late; there is a ton of amazing clothing and shoes for 40% off!

A Versatile Summer Outfit For Golf And Beyond

This wonderful golfing outfit will get anyone out of the house and out onto to the golf course! This incredibly breathable shirt is part of Tiger Woods’ line of golf clothes for Nike; it fits perfectly to any body shape. The styles of both the shirt and pants complement each other and really grab people’s attention without being flashy. It’s hard to find outfits like this that are casually attention grabbing without being obnoxious. Whenever I find an outfit like this, I don’t mind repeating it often because it’s versatile and practical!

Ladies, if your man is a golf fanatic than you cannot go wrong with this outfit for them. They will get tons and tons of use out of it as it is too comfortable and perfect for playing golf in as it is very flexible. The pants are loose around the thighs so that it’s extremely easy to bend those knees to get in the perfect form for that perfect golf swing.


IMG_1886IMG_1902IMG_1921IMG_1922Tiger Woods Golf Shirt // Gray Chino Shorts // Hampden Loafers

This is definitely a great outfit for the summer and going out on the town with that special someone. Paired with some awesome loafers, this outfit is perfect for summer cookouts, family outings and even Sunday Mass.

P.S. It’s Father’s Day soon (June 19th!) and this would be a perfect outfit to get Dad! It’s an easy buy; just make sure you get his pants size from Mom. 🙂



Must Have Monday: Wedding Guest Dresses Under $50

We know what you’re thinking: “Another post on wedding guest dresses? Really original, guys.” But Bobby and I got invited to yet another wedding this weekend, and although we are super excited at getting to celebrate a happy union, I am a getting a little antsy about finding dresses to wear to all these shindigs, many of which are back to back.

As I’ve said previously, I don’t really like repeating outfits to major events. In this day and age pictures are everywhere and, while I admit this may seem superficial, I know I am not the only one who doesn’t want to be caught in the exact same outfit multiple weeks in a row. (This is especially true when you know you’ll be seeing a lot of the same family members and friends at these back-to-back events.)

I love wearing dresses, but I don’t have a huge stockpile of wedding-appropriate options. This is in large part due to the fact that last year I lost a decent amount of weight, putting me in a smaller dress size and forcing me to restock up on all the basics I was able to save for years. So I’m forced to face the music that I am going to have to buy new dresses for the handful of weddings we have to attend this summer. Since I’m no stranger to a good bargain and realistic about the fact that a wedding guest dress shouldn’t break the budget, here are my picks for great dresses to wear to a wedding — they are all under $50!


Do you have any weddings to attend this summer?


Straight Talk: Things That Annoy Me About Bloggers

13124880_10207823389894802_1890769240275885537_nOur goal is for Seventy8 West to be a happy place that you can turn to. Whether that proverbial you is each other, one of our friends who discover this after creeping our Instagram (lol), or someone who has stumbled upon us and found our blog worth perusing (hello!). But I’ve got to say, as positive as I want this little corner of the Internet to be, I can’t pretend like I’m ignorant to the cynicism of the blogging world. I have been reading blogs for as long as I can remember; I was one of those kids who had a family computer before they were super mainstream and I used to get a thrill off of hearing “You’ve got mail!” every time my mom opened the browser to AOL. (Side note: anyone else remember the obnoxious alien sounds that dial-up Internet used to make? Boy, we’ve come far.)

The Internet has evolved greatly and so has the content on it. I could go on a tangent for hours about the latter, but I digress. Moral of the story is that there is an over-saturation of blogs on the Internet and I fully realize that Seventy8 West is just another number in the masses of personal blogs. Regardless, I want to make ours different, no matter how many or few people read it. I don’t want to be super cliche or contrived, and I definitely want to be transparent. So that leads me to something I’ve wanted to rant about for ages but usually have no one to vent to (because many of my friends and family members don’t follow blogs like I do). So here we go. Things that annoy me about bloggers:

    1. Lack of authenticity. No, you did not eat those 3 donuts that you took a picture of yourself biting. Please stop pretending and save the pretty donuts for people like Bobby and I who will not only admire them but also eat them — probably before we can think to snap a highly staged photo for our curated Instagram. #sorrynotsorry

      Also, stop making light of health issues and things like food allergies. If I hear one more blogger joke about having OMGanxiety or OMGfood allergies, I am going to explode. It is frustrating to those of us and the people we love who do actually have the legitimate health conditions that certain bloggers romanticize. Trust me, it is not fun to actually have anxiety. You know, a disorder that renders some people disabled? Yeah, it’s not the joke you think it is. Likewise, it’s also horrible to not know what you can and can’t eat when visiting a friend or family due to surprise ingredients that may pop up and make you sick. Stop making your green juice diet seem like a necessity when really it’s just a fad to help you fit into your next DVF dress.

      (I must say that I do believe that certain bloggers do in fact struggle with the conditions that they’re making light of. But if that is the case, it is still annoying that they don’t use their platform to inform people and raise awareness. Glossing over serious issues is tacky; you’d be better off not to mention them at all.)

      Speaking of which…

    2. Lack of transparency. Yes, your blog is your brand but it drives me nuts when bloggers think that their readers are little bunnies just waiting for you to dangle a carrot in front of them. If you are going to talk about your relationship on your blog, talk about it. If you’re not, don’t. But don’t get annoyed when you talk about your relationship one day and don’t the next and then readers are asking for details on why you’re back together with your douche ex-boyfriend who you’ve broken up with 3 times already. Yes, your readers are going to have questions. No, you may not want to answer them any more than you want to answer your Aunt Mabel when she asks you for the 14th time when you’ll give her grandchildren. But at the end of the day if you are monetizing your lifestyle blog that means you’re literally selling yourself. You’ve got to realize that your customers (readers) are going to have questions and demands. You’re best off keeping them happy. If you don’t want questions about your life from people you don’t know intimately, don’t put your life on the Internet.
    3. No personality. I read so many blogs that infuse no aspect of personality. What do you actually do in your free time? What’s your relationship with your family? What do you and your significant other do together that’s kind of quirky? And most importantly, what are you actually like outside of your manufactured persona? I’m bored of bloggers who just link up to products without getting personal. Blogs originated essentially as online diaries; not content farms for affiliate links. Clearly I’m all for monetizing your brand, but I think it’s reasonable to expect a level of candor from the people you are supporting. I know I am a lot happier to click on the affiliate links from someone else who admits that the staged picture they posted on Insta about going out tonight was taken 3 weeks ago and that they’re actually laying on the couch in PJs eating fresh cookies and watching Shark Tank. (Oh, is that just us? Oops.) But seriously, we are all human. Sometimes we get gussied up for a night on the town and sometimes we want to lounge around and be couch potatoes. Please stop acting like you are always on a runway; Gigi Hadid is already cluttering my Instagram with enough of that.
    4. Living In La-La Land. Apparently real estate in La-La Land is high in demand, but if anyone knows of a plot of land available there let me know! I’d love to build a fortress there too. So many bloggers will tweet “TGIF!” on Fridays like their week was so hard. Meanwhile, the day before they took a three hour lunch with their significant other and went shopping. I don’t harbor bitterness towards bloggers who need not work and make an impressive living off their blog; on the contrary, I pat them on the back for making a life of leisure monetizable! But please stop pretending you can relate to those of us who do actually get out of bed every morning for work and hurriedly scarf down Chobani before heading into an afternoon meeting because the day has been too hectic to take lunch. Your “Sunday scaries” have got nothing on my Monday reality.
    5. Making everything cutesy. I know this may seem stupid but I am so over the word “sunnies” and now I hear the word “lippies” used all the time too for lip sticks and pencils. They are sunglasses not sunnies — unless you are a cute beach bum from Australia. (Because in that case I’ll let it slide.) “Stop trying to make fetch happen,” ladies.

If you’re still reading, rest assured that I’m wrapping up now. Things that people complain about that I think bloggers should get a pass on:

    1. Staged photos. No, they don’t actually dress like that to go buy flowers. My problem isn’t with the photos — that’s how they monetize themselves. My issue is that these bloggers pretend that it’s reality when it’s not.
    2. Including sizing information. I cringe when people think it’s braggy that someone mentions they’re a size 2. It’s not braggy at all to help ensure that your customers can purchase the right size in something! Special shoutout to Summer Wind for always featuring sizing info! Her helpful blog posts have helped me order the right size in multiple things she’s featured. (However it is (good) trouble when you follow a blogger whose style meshes with yours and wears a similar size because it’s so easy to order clothing that they feature all the time! #guilty)
    3. Frivolous spending. While I know some bloggers shop their way into credit card debt hoping their blog will take off, many bloggers (who do it as their career) are making more than enough money to afford a new YSL bag every month. Is it the most fiscally responsible? Who knows. Without knowing how their assets and investments are managed there is no possible way to know. But quite frankly, the numbers of commas in their bank accounts and investments isn’t our business anyways.

What is a major faux-pas that you’d recommend any blogger avoid?


Striped Off-The-Shoulder Dress

I have been itching for warm weather for far too long now. I love the fact that we live in an area that experiences all four seasons; nature is really impressive! But at the same time, we live in a cold weather climate and Bobby and I are both itching for the warm weather to arrive and stay here. It has been a struggle to get temperatures consistently higher than 62 degrees or so, so when the 70 degree weather finally arrives, I look forward to lots of corn hole, hammock relaxing, poolside drinks, and spontaneous adventures.

In the meantime, I take every opportunity I can to wear something fun and feminine when the weather cooperates. On a rare dose of sunshine and a mild spring evening I took this striped off-the-shoulder dress for a spin. (Literally. It’s fun to twirl and swirl in!) I paired it with Shoreline sneakers, which I find a little more feminine than the classic Chuck Taylors. And of course a wristlet so I can have my must-haves easily accessible even when I’m on the go. The dress runs true to size but you may want to size down in the Converse.

striped1 striped2 striped3 striped4 striped5

Off-The-Shoulder Dress (Under $20!!!!) // Wristlet // Sneakers

The dress I’m wearing is currently under $20 and available in all sizes, so snatch it up while you have the chance! The Converse are a great deal too; I purchased a pair last year that look beat up and no longer sparkle like these optic white beauties fresh out of the box, but at that price point I don’t mind buying them once a year! White shoes are obviously impractical, but I think Converse look so crisp, versatile, and feminine when they’re worn in white.

Do you own any white footwear? What’s the weather like around you?


Relationship Wednesday: Wearing American Flag Onesies and Trying New Things

Lexi and I decided to purchase these awesome onesies from Shinesty and they were the best investment that we made over the winter. They’re incredibly comfy, warm and stylish — if you’re into the good ole’ US of A 😉 They’re great for relaxing on the couch, drive-ins, bonfires, and don’t be afraid to rock these bad boys out in public! (Yes, we actually do wear them in public. In fact, we wore them out to lunch last weekend. #noshame)

We’ve received countless compliments from random people wherever we go when we put on our onesies and they seem to make us more approachable! Several people have asked where we purchased the onesies and many people just love our patriotism. They open the door to so many fun conversations and new people that we otherwise would have not talked to!

Wearing giant onesies with your partner may seem silly, but stuff like that keeps your relationship fun and allows you to bond over new things — even if they’re little adorable things like wearing American flags in public. The moral of this story is to keep trying new stuff with your partner! You’ll be surprised how much fun a simple purchase like an American flag onesie can add to your life and your relationship. Be comfortable in your own skin and be comfortable around your partner because being goofy around the one you love is a special gift!


We might not be relationship experts but I definitely stress the importance of trying new things. You could find that it takes you on an amazing adventure with plenty of twists and turns with that special someone.


Do you do anything quirky with your significant other? Be sure to let us know!